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ephemeral art gallery


Ephemeral Art Gallery is a contemporary fine art gallery that market, promotes and sells the work of visual artists. The gallery invite to showcase in the primary market specializing in emerging, mid-career, and established artists.

What Happens?

Minds of the creative kind do as they please on a designated space for a week. On the last day the public is invited to come and see it all.


Provides an opportunity to enter into dialogue with regional, and both national and international customs, with different attitudes and ways of understanding the relationship between territory and culture.


Strongly rooted in the principle that galleries play an essential role in the development and promotion of Art and Design, our sectors are thus carefully defined to provide opportunities for visitors to see many types of exhibitions.


In 2008 a team designers put their passion and determination behind an vision, and now, over twelve years, 4 eyes becomes the most important meeting place of art and design to promote cultural advancement.


Meet The Team


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We like to create things with fun, open-minded people. Feel free to say hello! We'll respond as soon as possible.